Criminal Law

Criminal Law

We know that there are few situations as stressful in life as being questioned and being arrested by the Police.

Our experienced team will provide you with prompt, practical advice and representation if you are accused of committing a crime.

We understand the stress associated with being charged with a crime and are committed to providing a professional and compassionate service to ensure the accused and their family are supported every step of the way.

We deal with matters ranging from minor traffic and drug possession offences through to serious and complex criminal offences.

We provide a professional, dedicated and astute range of criminal legal services.

The firm boasts a wealth of legal knowledge and expertise, particularly in the field of criminal law, employing creative legal thinkers to interpret the law and provide imaginative legal problem solving techniques.

The firm offers a 24-hour, 365-day a year service for clients in police custody.

Centennial Lawyers has experience in all areas of criminal law including possession and supply of drugs, proceeds of crime, assaults, road traffic offences, sexual offences, violent crime, and fraud.

We understand how stressful it is attending Court and we provide straight-forward, easily understandable advice. We do not hide behind legal jargon.

If you’re in trouble with the Police, get yourself a criminal lawyer.

If you’re in real trouble, get Centennial Lawyers.