Reputation Management

Reputation Management

You might spend years – and a great deal of money – building up your business. It can be operating successfully and have bright prospects. Then suddenly, it’s struck by a malicious attack.

In many cases that attack is anonymous and it comes from a dark corner of the Internet.

In the age of the Internet and social media, reputation management is more important than ever.

In the last 20 years the world has changed more than it did in the last 2000.

A negative or disparaging allegation that’s completely false, but threatens to bring you and maybe your business.

You need to be aware to the fact that a threat can come many directions, for example:

  • newspaper and magazine articles
  • television and radio broadcasts
  • e-mails and social media
  • websites, chat rooms, forums
  • advertising materials
  • the spoken word
  • employee workplace references

The personal and economic value of an individual’s reputation cannot be underestimated. Like our health we all tend to take it for granted until it comes under attack.

In today’s world a person’s reputation can come under attack from a variety of sources whether by the traditional print media, or by online publications and social media.

A generation ago the only people who were generally speaking sued for defamation were large media organisations. Today that has all changed. Claims of defamation particularly online defamation are on the increase.

Like it or not we now all live in a technology era where some believe that a computer screen and a keyboard can act as a mask, enabling them to make damaging defamatory comments regarding an individual or a company. This can seriously damage your personal reputation – and in some cases it can damage your business.

We try to determine the best strategy to enable you to achieve the best possible outcome. In many cases this involves trying to remove the offending material from the Internet. In can also include seeking damages from the other side.

Like it or not the information revolution of the Internet, social media and smart phones means that in an instant you might be facing the prospect of the worldwide dissemination of information about you and your company. This information, which can be incorrect, misleading or defamatory, can find its way to the top of search results by search engine optimisation technology.

There is also the world of traditional media, specifically newspapers and television. As their resources dwindle, these mediums are rushing to produce media as fast as the Internet. The result is you and your reputation can be harmed.

You need strategies in place to act immediately to limit any harm to reputation.

Centennial Lawyers can work in the traditional legal fields of defamation and injurious falsehood but also in non-legal ways, such as working with search engines like Google to remove false stories about you from an Internet search.

Our advice is always strategic, practical and placed within the realities of today’s ever-changing technological landscape.