Centennial Lawyers is a small, boutique law firm based in Surry Hills, Sydney NSW which specialises in:

  • Defamation
  • Reputation Management
  • Class Actions
  • Criminal Law
  • Commercial Law

We understand that whatever the situation, whether you need to sue another party or you face being sued, or defending yourself, you need prompt and realistic advice at a reasonable price.

Members of our legal team have dual legal and accounting qualifications and our cases are conducted by small, partner-led teams. Our partners take full control of each case, involving themselves in every step of its progress and maintaining regular contact with the client.

We understand that different disputes and clients require different approaches and solutions. We also understand that many disputes/legal issues are sensitive and likely to attract media attention; our prowess in the field of reputation management means that we have unrivalled experience of dealing with the media and working with our clients’ PR and Communications advisers.

And yes, many clients involved in a dispute look for a firm that is tough and prepared for a fight. Centennial Lawyers certainly falls into that category.

However, whilst a tough approach to litigation is important, tactical awareness and knowing when to achieve a prompt and satisfactory settlement for the client is essential.

Clients often want quick, cost-effective and practical solutions to business disputes.  Our pragmatic and commercial style enables us to devise and execute a strategy to fit the client’s needs.  In a culture where litigators are encouraged to seek settlement of their disputes by mediation or other alternative means of dispute resolution, we have embraced this approach wholeheartedly and much of our work now typically involves elements of ADR either before or after legal proceedings are begun.