Class Actions


Class actions in Australia can be commenced by one (or more) of the persons representing a class, where:-

  • 7 or more persons have claims against the same person; and
  • the claims of all those persons are in respect of, or arise out of, the same, similar or related circumstances; and
  • the claims of all those persons give rise to a substantial common question of law or fact.

The proceedings are run as an open class and the lead plaintiff represents all persons whose information was breached.

There is no cost to join the class. In cases we act in, Centennial Lawyers will only be paid if the action is successful, as defined in the costs agreement with the lead plaintiff.


Privacy law is emerging as an increasingly relevant area of law in today’s data-driven society.  An extensive amount of personal information is stored electronically by governmental agencies and organisations and it is vital that these vast information holdings are protected.

The NSW Ambulance class action which Centennial Lawyers recently concluded (favourably for our client) was one of the few of its kind in Australia that dealt with a massive data breach by a government agency and was the first privacy class action recorded in Australia.